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Important license information:
Until I will receive from codeplex the option to put here my custom license I want to provide it here: (attached file) / copy here

This License governs your use of the Work. This License is intended to allow developers to use the Source Code and Executable Files provided as part of the Work in any application in any form.
The main points subject to the terms of the License are:
· In any case that the work uses other open source or licenses that do not belong to the author – they will win this license. (but if it legal – let the author exclude the open source parts from his work and to give new
· Any non commercial & nonprofit applications - Source Code and Executable Files can be used for free – they only should maintain the author contact information (see definition) and the code namespaces, project and solution names should maintain as it provide.
(For example if the project & namespace called: Roniz.WCF – you should maintain this name.)
And also let the author know that they use it. (by the e-mail that will provide via his site – see author contact information)
· Commercial applications can test the code for free, but when want to use it – they should receive the author authorization first via e-mail or other contact information provided by the author.
And in case the author didn’t change it (by email etc) – should maintain the author contact information and project / namespaces names as describes above for non commercial use.
· Source Code and Executable Files can be redistributed; and
· No claim of suitability, guarantee, or any warranty whatsoever is provided. The software is provided "as-is".
· The Article(s) accompanying the Work may not be distributed or republished without the Author's consent
1. Definitions.
a. "Articles" means, collectively, all articles written by Author which describes how the Source Code and Executable Files for the Work may be used by a user.
b. "Author" means the individual or entity that offers the Work under the terms of this License.
c. “Author Contact information” should contain:
1. Author site:
2. Author name: Ron zigelman
d. "Work" refers to the collection of files distributed by the Publisher, including the Source Code, Executable Files, binaries, data files, documentation, whitepapers and the Articles.
e. "You" is you, an individual or entity wishing to use the Work and exercise your rights under this License.

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